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- Carfosel-B940 is preeminent phosphate compound which brings the diverse benefits in seafood processing technology (especially, product are made from shrimp) and food industry.

- Increase ability to help product maintain water: Tripolyphosphate, pyrophosphate acts on protein and improves water absorption by:
  + Increase the amount of moisture retained in the product
  + Reduce the dehydration process after cooked
  + Reduce the dehydration process after defrosting
- Carfosel is capable of isolating ions: Protects natural color and taste by preventing the enzyme process as well as the reaction of some bacteria.
- pH alkalinity: The alkalinity of phosphate will increase the pH of the meat muscle, so it supports in the process of water retention during processing as well as steamed.
- Helps to separate collagen linked between the body and the protective shell: Improves the ability to peel the shrimp.