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Thinh Phat Company with our staffs and employees have many years of experience in the field of import and export will bring you the services of importing and exporting the fastest, most cost-effective package. And safest.
You only need a small cost reasonable, you will receive services to process export goods and import package goods include:
- Obtaining Certificate of Origin (CO)
- Get certification to ensure goods are exported and imported into the country (C / H ...).
- Bill of import and export (Bill)
- Customs clearance, liquidation of goods in the customs of the host country ...
- Other documents and procedures (Packing list, PO ...)
We are committed to bring you the fastest, most effective and accurate services for a prestigious and responsible brand name THINH PHAT.
When you need us please contact hotline: 08.628 275 37
We look forward to serving you!